Il Fustimo Olive Oils

Santa Barbara Crafted


All bottles are 375mL


il Fustino in Italian means "the tank" hence our store name. A fustino is a specialized, stainless steel container used to dispense oils, vinegars, and wines. il Fustino greets you with a vista of these gleaming tanks crafted in Italy to our specifications. Old world purveyors of olive oil and vinegar in the Mediterranean basin have been sampling and bottling from bulk containers for centuries, because their customers insist on trying before buying and we couldn't agree more. Selecting the right oil or vinegar is a personal sensory experience.  We want you to taste from the tank; it is only through this experience that you will discover a new world of freshness and flavor. Our knowledgeable staff will happily guide you through your tasting journey.

Il Fustimo Oils


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