Gallon bottle of Sani-10 Sanitizer

Comes with 1 spray bottle (32 oz)


Description of sanitizer:

An E.P.A. registered disinfectant and sanitizer. Concentrated and highly effective 10% quaternary disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorant. An effective sanitizer for food contact surfaces. Excellent where high germicidal activity in hard water is required. Meets U.S. public health service recommendations for dairy operations. Excellent for general disinfection in hospitals, nursing homes, foodservice operations, U.S.D.A. meat and poultry processing plants, beverage plants, medical facilities, schools, dairy equipment and many other disinfecting applications. Perfect for final rinse sink in bars and restaurants. No final rinse required after application. Disinfecting use rate 1:128 Sanitizing use rate 1:512 U.S.D.A. approved D-2

Sani-10% Sanitizer


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